Prioritising the preparation and training of our people for the 21st century, India has committed 15,000 scholarships to students and professionals in Africa by providing opportunities in online education. These include, short-term courses, undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and continued medical education. The scholarship will cover the tuition fees to attend an Indian university that will award the certificate or the degree. For short-term courses, an examination fee exemption is provided.

The offered courses are categorized as: undergraduate, postgraduate, short-term/certificate.
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The process and requirements are listed below, based on the chosen course of study.

Examination fee exemption for short-term and certificate courses:

Scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes:

The student may contact a Learning Centre in the participating country in Africa and/or Indian Mission in their country to get more information related to the scholarship.


Under the e-VBAB Network Project, the programme fee is being paid as scholarship. There is no mandate for anyone to charge any fee from learners.

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